Stuffed Roundsteak (Favorite of Papa Bill and Grandma Linda)


1.  I would make my stuffing with toasted bread cubes, small amount of sage, parsley, salt and black pepper, add chopped onions and celery, and let it set for several hours or overnight for the onion and celery flavor to go through it.

2. Then I would add a couple of beaten eggs and add enough milk to make the bread moist but not soggy.

3. I would salt the meat lightly and lay it out on the counter. Put as much stuffing on top as would stay in and roll the meat together, tie it with twine or insert long skewers into it to hold it together.

4. Add a little water in the bottom of a pan or roaster and bake at 350 degrees until done and nicely browned, probably about 1 ½ hrs. 

5. The rest of the stuffing I would put into a greased pan and bake pouring a little of the meat broth over it to flavor it.

Years ago, Dad loved either stuffed round steak or stuffed spareribs. It would be his favorite birthday meal - Grandma Linda