Watermelon Pickles (Favorite of Grandma Linda)

1. Trim the green and pink off a 7 lb. watermelon rind.

2. Cut into 1 inch cubes. Parboil until tender but not soft. Drain.

3. Make a syrup by combining:

·         7 cups sugar

·         2 cups vinegar

·         ½ tsp. oil of cloves

·         ½ tsp. oil of cinnamon

Boil, pour over rinds and let stand overnight.                  

4. In the morning, drain off syrup, heat until not quite boiling and again pour over rind. Let stand overnight. 

5. On the 3rd morning, heat rind in syrup until almost boiling. Pour into canning jars and seal. It should be hot enough to pop the seal down.

I liked to leave a little pink on but I was told at the fair that that was not what you were supposed to do. I still did; I thought it was a prettier pickle, but I never had them judged after that. This pickle made the house smell soooo good! Grandma Linda